discharge [dis chärj′; ] also, & for n., usually [ dis′chärj΄]
discharged, discharging [ME dischargen < OFr descharger < VL * discarricare, to unload < L dis-, from + carrus, wagon, CAR1]
1. to relieve of or release from something that burdens or confines; specif.,
a) to remove the cargo of (a ship); unload
b) to release the charge of (a gun); fire
c) to release (a soldier, jury, etc.) from duty
d) to dismiss (a special committee) after it has reported to the legislature of which it is a part
e) to dismiss from employment
f) to release (a prisoner) from jail, (a defendant) from suspicion, (a patient) as cured, (a debtor or bankrupt) from obligations, etc.
2. to release or remove (that by which one is burdened or confined); specif.,
a) to unload (a cargo)
b) to shoot (a projectile)
c) to remove (dye) from cloth
3. to relieve oneself or itself of (a burden, load, etc.); specif.,
a) to throw off; send forth; emit [to discharge pus]
b) to get rid of; acquit oneself of; pay (a debt) or perform (a duty)
4. Archit.
a) to relieve (a wall, etc.) of excess pressure by distribution of weight
b) to distribute (weight) evenly over a supporting part
5. Elec. to remove stored energy from (a battery or capacitor)
1. to get rid of a burden, load, etc.
2. to be released or thrown off
3. to fire; go off: said of a gun, etc.
4. to emit waste matter: said of a wound, etc.
5. to run: said of a dye
6. to lose or give off a stored electrical charge
[OFr descharge < the v.]
1. a discharging or being discharged
2. that which discharges, as a legal order for release, a certificate of dismissal from military service, etc.
3. that which is discharged, as pus from a sore
4. a flow of electric current across a gap, as in a spark or arc

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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